Mary Foley Real Estate Inc.
Mary Foley Real Estate Inc.

At Mary Foley Property Management we offer a variety of property management services to property owners. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and our commitment to providing property owners with peace of mind so they can go about their day to day business with ease.

Below is a description of our services. Please contact Mary if you are interested in our services and she will set up an interview with you as well as a tour of your property. Contact Mary at 978-840-3030 or 978-833-7099.

Description of Services


 Collection of rents and other fees from tenants through online and mail payment services

Payment of all bills including mortgage, taxes, insurance and regular operating expenses

 Regular reviews of expenditures such as oil, gas, electricity, insurance premiums and water & sewer

A detailed income and disbursement statement once a month for each property



Collect bids from several contractors to present to property owner for things such as janitorial, security, grounds keeping, trash removal etc.

Negotiate contracts with contractors on behalf of property owner when professional services are needed

 Monitor the performance of contractors and investigate and resolve complaints from residents and tenants when services are not properly provided

If property owner has a maintenance employee we will work with him/her to manage tenant repair requests in a timely manner


 Handle the leasing and releasing of all apartments

 Perform credit, eviction and criminal checks, confirm all information on applications and personal interviews with all applicants

 Prepare and execute all new leases and renewals

Maintain tenant files

 Effect all notices, court action and collection against delinquent tenants who fail to comply with terms of tenancy agreement

Meet with property owner prior to court appearance (if they are pro-se) and brief them on case facts